Nutrition & Yoga Sessions For Everyone!

As we move into the warmer months, it can mean moving away from the introspection that winter brings towards the openness and warmth of spring. This time of renewal can present an opportunity to reset and recharge after the bitter cold. 

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Alice Lloyd and Registered Yoga Instructor Leslie Orndoff have created a business that helps individuals and groups reset and renew their health goals in a fun and informative way.

"We had the idea to team up just before the pandemic, in January of 2020," Leslie explains. "We wanted to offer the community something new and accessible."

That idea was for Alice to prepare a nutritional demonstration and for Leslie to lead a yoga practice designed to complement what dietary topic Alice was addressing. Their first session was a success. Alice showed the group how to ferment foods at home and explained how they benefit the body's digestive system. Leslie focused on postures that cleanse the organs.

"There is so much involved with feeling your best," says Alice. "And blending nutrition and movement is one way we can contribute to full-body wellness."

But like so many things, the pandemic derailed their idea. And other offerings had to be put on hold.

They changed tack and started a podcast called Can We Health You? instead. "It was something we could do safely together," Leslie says. "We take a time in history or a historical figure and discuss what people were doing during that time for nutrition and wellness.

The podcast has done well, garnering nearly 3,000 downloads in countries worldwide. "It's been so much fun recording the podcast," Leslie says. "We both learn something new with each topic." Some of their more successful podcasts have covered the origins of coffee, benefits and superstitions surrounding salt, and the life and legacy of Joan of Arc.

But they never gave up on their original idea. "Since the CDC has started to loosen restrictions, we decided the time was right to reignite our initial business model and start offering our in-person services to our community," Alice explains.

For those that aren’t comfortable meeting in person, the session can be done over Zoom.

They can cater to any group. "We can create whatever experience a client wants," says Leslie. "Whether they want the session to focus on lowering stress levels or sleeping better, we can give them tools to help meet their needs."

"Wellness is a whole journey and involves attention to your food, sleep, movement, and emotional health," says Alice. "Eating well and practicing yoga can help you maximize your overall health by improving digestion, stress management, mindfulness, increasing energy, and even detoxification."

To find out more about the service or to book Alice and Leslie, you can email them at

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