Don't Skip Savasana!

Savasana (pronounced sha-va-sa-na) is the most important of the yoga postures. It is really why you do all the other poses: to prepare your mind and body for deep meditation.
It is common as a yoga teacher to see class participants either leave when the instructor readies the class for savasana, or see them not fully embracing it; leaving eyes open, emitting anxious vibrations, waiting for it all to be over.
I too was once someone who agonized at having to lay still and wait the five or ten minutes until we could get up, bow to the light of the teacher, and leave. I was wholly incapable of achieving even a modicum of quiet in my mind, and frankly, I saw no real point.
But as I developed my practice, I surrendered to savasana. I allowed myself to focus on what the teacher was telling me as he or she led me into a more meditative state. I soon found that my favorite part of the practice.
Meditation has so many scientifically proven benefits: reduced stress, anxiety, and depression are just a few.
A study of 3,500 adults conducted in 2014 by the National Institutes of Health concluded that meditation reduced stress, depression, and anxiety and recommended that clinicians discuss using meditation as part of an overall approach to healthy living and well being.
So if you’re the one who leaves class early or struggles to make it through savasana, take the time and keep trying. You won’t regret it.
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